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AutoPal is a peer-to-peer car sharing service where you can rent cars from your peers in your neighborhood.

Fiat 500 '10

R. Zoltán

Budapest, Jász utca

12 500 Ft /day

Mazda 5 '06 avatar

L. Dániel

Budapest, Hadrianus utca 3

8 000 Ft /day

Ford Focus '18 avatar

M. Balázs

Budapest, Kerepesi út 73

12 000 Ft /day

Ford Focus '06 avatar

K. János

Budapest, Ferenc utca 56

6 500 Ft /day
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How does it work?

Select a car

Browse cars based on availability price, type, location and many other criteria.

Contact the owner

Register and send booking requests to the owners. You can message the owners with your questions.

Finish your booking

Owners have to approve your booking requests and you will need to pay the rental fee upfront. You can always cancel your bookings.

Pick up the car

Meet the owner at the time and location previously agreed on, check the car, take photos and you are ready to hit the road!

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Why rent on AutoPal?

Cars wherever and whenever you need it

Cars in your neighborhood when you need them

Thanks to our ever-growing supply, you can rent cars at more than 100 locations throughout Budapest. Even during evening hours and weekends.

Online booking and payment

Book anywhere, anytime

Forget about browsing, calling and long queues at the rental counter. Compare dozens of owners' offers at one place and book a car with just a few clicks.

Free comprehensive insurance

Safe, convenient payment

Pay online and avoid hidden fees and unfair charges. Extend your bookings online with just a few clicks.

No surprises

No surprises

Forget about boring categories and fake listings. Browse cars based on verified photos and real reveiws.

Peace of mind

Tudd magad biztonságban

Free comprehensive insurance

Select cars with comprehensive insurance at no extra cost and rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

Reliable cars

Cars on AutoPal are in every day use by their owners so you can always be sure they are up to the highest standards.

Transparent rental conditions

All rentals are covered by the same conditions. Unlike other rental options, AutoPal does not own the cars available on the platform, and therefore, we can help you independently.

Our users are saying

Az SL parjat ritkito allapotban van es hatalmas elmeny a vezetese. Bence pedigegy korrekt es rendes ember. Ajánlom!

Minden a legnagyobb rendben volt, az autó szép és tiszta, az átvétel/átadás is rugalmas volt. Köszönöm!

Minden rendben volt! Csaba rugalmas volt az átvételt és visszaadást illetően. A kis kocsi a megszokott japán pontosságot, minőséget képviseli.

Minden rendben ment. Ajánlom.

Szuper berbeado, szuper kocsi

Csaba nagyon kedves, konstruktív, pontos bérbeadó. Az autó kifogástalan, remek születésnapi ajándék volt.

Az brutál jó, a tulaj jófej és rugalmas volt. Mindenkinek ajánlom.

Sziasztok! Korrekt ügyintézés, korrekt autó, rugalmas tulajdonos. Nekem jól működött a dolog, Horvátországot jártuk meg, csak ajánlani tudom. Dani

Atilla is nice positive guy. Transaction went smoothly and fast. No problem with earlier pick up and drop off. Car is very easy and light to drive. Clean and tidy.

Igazi élményautózás volt, rég nem éreztem magam ilyen jól. Az autó állapota kiváló, gyors erős motorral, külön élvezetes volt az automata váltó fél-autmata üzemmódban. Csaba mindenben segített, nagyon szívélyes volt ami csak fokozta az élményt igazán jó érzés volt. On-Board megbeszélés után, még további javaslatokkal segített a nap folyamán

További értékelések

Frequently asked questions

  How can I rent a car?

AYou can rent a car on AutoPal at any time of the day, simply with a few clicks and without phone calls. Search available cars by location or date. You can also personalize the results based on price, distance, car type and many other filters!

In order to make a booking, you have to create a profile by providing some personal information, and you will also be requested to type in your debit/credit card details.

  Who can rent cars on AutoPal?

Renters have to be over 21, have a valid driving licence and be a registered user to be able to rent on AutoPal.

  What is the booking process?

1. Tell us when and where would you like to rent a car, and select the one that best fits the purpose of your trip.

2. Send a booking request! As part of the booking request, you can introduce yourself and also ask any additional questions you may have. You can send booking requests for mulitple cars simultaneously.

3. The owner has 24 hours to approve your booking request, but it usually happens much sooner in our experience. We notify you about the approval in both email and text.

4. Settle the rental fee in order to finalize the booking. Bear in mind that a car can receive multiple booking requests for the same time period - therefore, it's important to pay the rental fee as soon as possible.

  How much does it cost to rent on AutoPal?

AutoPal provides its services to renters free of charge, so you only have to pay the rental fee of the selected car. Our car owners are free to set their rental fees, AutoPal only makes recommendations relating to the fees.

  How can I contact the owner?

You can conveniently message the owner when you send a booking request or at any time afterwards through our system. We will provide you the phone number of the owner once you settled the rental fee.

It is very important that you have to record every change to the booking on our website. Modifications not recorded on the website can lead to settlement and insurance problems, and can even force us to ban users from our platform.

  When and how should I pay for the rental?

You have to settle the rental fee in advance, after the owner's approval of the booking request, through our online payment system operated by OTP Simple. You can find the payment option on the Bookings tab of your personal Profile.

  Can I pay in cash?

All payments on AutoPal must be made electronically, which is for the convenience and security for both the renter and the owner. You don't have to worry about having the exact amount of banknotes, you don't need to meet the owner in case of extending your booking, and we can also avoid disputes such as unfairly withheld security deposits. Cash payments are a violation of our Terms and Conditions and can lead to banning from our website.

  Is my data safe?

We treat your data safely and securely without transferring it to any third party. Our electronic payment system is operated by OTP Simple, who processes your payment data according to the stricest international protocol, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. You can find our detailedPrivacy Policy here. találod.