Let your car earn money for you

Our cars sit idle 95% of the time. Share your car with others when you don't need it, and earn back its maintenance costs, or even more!


Insurance, roadside assistance

Your car will be protected by Aegon's comprehensive insurance and international roadside assistance plan. Free of charge. For more information on our insurance package, please click here.
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You are in charge

Trusted community

Only registered users can rent cars on our platform. They have to confirm their personal information and register a credit card.

Both owners and renters can leave reviews about one another.

You are in charge

You decide when to rent out your car and to whom. You're also free to set your own rental conditions. You can also suspend or stop sharing your car at any time.

You are in charge

How much can I earn?

32 500 Ft

per month

Value of your car

1 000 000 Ft

Days rented


This is a general estimate. Your actual earnings will depend on your car's make, model, year and its extras, the season and several other factors. If you'd like to get a personalized, more accurate estimate, give us some details about your car.

How does it work?

List your car

Provide some details and photos about your car, set your rental terms, the car's availability and you're good to go! Creating a listing is completely free, we only charge commission for actual booked rentals.

Meet your renter

Meet the renter at place and time agreed in the booking, sign the pre-filled contract, hand over the keys and you are all set. Pick up your car at the end of the trip and don't forget to leave a feedback about your renter.

Manage your booking requests

We notify you about your incoming rental requests via email and text. You're free to accept or decline a specific request, you are in charge!

Get paid

You don't need to worry about payments thanks to our online payment system. We transfer your rental fee minus our service fee (15% or 30% depending on your insurance package) automatically within 2 days following the rental.

List your car now

Autód megosztása teljesen ingyenes, azt bármikor szüneteltetheted és abba is hagyhatod.

All you need to know

Key information on how to get started with sharing your car

Frequently asked questions

  What kind of cars can I share?

You can share any car or van that passed inspection, has a valid third party liability insurance policy and is 15 years old or younger. In case you'd like to share an older car, please get in touch. We might allow cars on the platform on a case by case basis.

Your car and its accessories must meet all the applicable transportation rules and be safe and fit for traffic.

  Who can rent my car and when?

You are free to decide whom to rent your car to and when. Renters have to request to book your car, which you can approve or decline according to your own judgment.

Renters have to be registered users, verify their identity and provide their debit/credit card details to be able to rent on AutoPal. They also have to be over 21 and have a valid driving licence. You can view the public profiles and all previous reviews of your renters before approving any booking request.

Renters can rent your car 24 hours a day for the time periods specified by you. You can set you car's calendar from your personal profile under your car's listing.

  How can I share my car with others?

Register on our website and create your personal profile. You can create a listing for your car from your profile and you can manage your bookings here too.

Think of you car's listing as a personal profile, where your future renters can check out and book your car(s). You only need the registration booklet and a few photos of the car to create a listing. The process takes a few minutes only and we approve the listing as soon as possible, so your car can be rented right away.

If you need any help during the registration process, please contact us and we'd be happy to guide you through the necessary steps at a convenient time.

  Are there any obligations with sharing my car?

Creating a listing for your car is completely free and you can pause or stop sharing your car at any time.

  Can I take cash payments?

All payments on AutoPal must be made electronically, which is for the convenience and security for both renters and owners. You don't have to worry about having the exact amount of banknotes, you don't need to meet the renter in case of extending a booking, and we can also avoid disputes such as unfairly withheld security deposits. Cash payments are a violation of our Terms and Conditions and can lead to banning from our website.

  How much can I earn by sharing my car?

Your earnings will be the total rental fee minus our service fee, which is either 15% or 30% based on the selected insurance option. We only charge our service fee after succesful bookings by deducting it from the rental fee. We transfer the net rental fee to your bank account within 2 days after the respective rental period.

Beyond the rental fee, you can
- offer delivery for an additional fee set by you
- specify a mileage limit and an additional km based fee for exceeding this limit.
Our service fee is calculated on and deducted from your total earnings.